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Welcome to Leiki Ueda Studios!

Music I make, must be catchy first and intellectual second.

After working for over 10 years in the classical / instrumental music industry as a pianist, mixing engineer, and YouTuber with 150,000+ subscribers and 45 million views, I decided to pursue my passion for supporting other musicians working in every genre by founding Leiki Ueda Studios in 2017. Regardless of genre, I approach music production with extensive classical knowledge and classically trained ears.

I am obsessed with composition, recording, audio technology and sound. I attend to every single detail in my work, even if it's barely audible.

If delivering catchy yet intellectual sound is what you’re looking for, then look no further than Leiki Ueda Studios.



Laura Auer



Leiki is a fantastic mixing and mastering engineer, especially for classical music. He takes his time with your music, and I trust anything he suggests because his expertise is the best!


Leiki Ueda Studios

Leiki Ueda

Owner, Pianist,

Composer, Producer,

Mixing / Mastering /

Recording Engineer

Classical Mastering Service | Leiki Ueda Studios

Yoshiyuki Kobayashi

Assistant Recording Engineer,

Tape Mastering Engineer


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