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Welcome to Leiki Ueda Studios!

"Music I make, must be catchy first and intellectual second."

Leiki is a talented musician who started playing the piano at the age of 3 and studying the violin under an instructor at the age of 4. In addition to releasing solo piano arrangements and performances on his YouTube channel with over 150,000 subscribers, he also produces music in various genres such as rock, metal, anime, and EDM with musicians from all over the world. He began his journey as a producer in Frankfurt, Germany, where he worked at a private producer's studio every day as an assistant to learn about music production.

More recently, he has worked with the Grammy Award-winning producer Tim Sonnefeld (Usher, etc.) on a classical crossover album. He founded Leiki Ueda Studios out of a sincere love of recorded material and a desire to support studio operations and musicians.



Laura Auer



Leiki is a fantastic mixing and mastering engineer, especially for classical music. He takes his time with your music, and I trust anything he suggests because his expertise is the best!


Leiki Ueda Studios

Leiki Ueda

Owner, Pianist,

Composer, Producer,

Mixing / Mastering /

Recording Engineer

Classical Mastering Service | Leiki Ueda Studios

Yoshiyuki Kobayashi

Assistant Recording Engineer,

Tape Mastering Engineer


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