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Laura Auer



Leiki is a fantastic mixing and mastering engineer, especially for classical music. He takes his time with your music, and I trust anything he suggests because his expertise is the best!

Do you master my genre of music?

Do not worry about it! In general, I can master any genre of music. 

How does it work?

  1. Book and pay.

  2. Send me your mix to my email ( using or send me your sharable link.                If Stem Mastering, make a ZIP/RAR containing every stem and send it to me.

  3. I'll check your files and confirm your order.

  4. I'll master your audio.

  5. Receive your master, and tell me what you think!

How many revisions do you accept?

You have unlimited revisions without any additional fee.

What is Stem Mastering?

Read the article here.



(per song)

Stem Mastering


(per song)

With the knowledge of both very classical music and very modern music, I provide a true "hybrid" approach to sound engineering in order to produce the best master. Quality equipment and a comfortable communication are included when you decide to work with me. If you’re looking for a dynamic and musical sound judged by classical musician, you’ll love my mastering approach.

 - Leiki

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