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Jeffrey Biegel

(Pianist, Professor)


Leiki Ueda is a very gifted arranger and equally creates beautiful engraving of piano music. He recently engraved my 'Three Reflections' and they look stunningly beautiful. I highly recommend him to anyone needing to have music engraved.

Do you compose or arrange my genre of music?

Do not worry about it! In general, I can work with any genre of music. (I've worked with EDM to Rock

to Classical.) Feel free to send me the form below and I will get back to you with a free quote.

Do you make piano arrangement for beginners?

Absolutely. I can make arrangements according to your skill / level.  

What is the price range?

For composing: Since every composition is different, I cannot give you a "one size fits all" price.

For arranging: Usually, it will be from US$200 to US$1200 depending on the difficulty / complexity.

How does it work?

  1. Please submit the quote form below. It's for free.

  2. I will get back to you with a quote and detailed instruction in your email.

I want...

Thanks for submitting! I'll get back to you soon.

Composing / Arranging

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